high volume pcb assembly

Thinksemi Infotech stands as a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider in India, holding prestigious certifications in the form of IATF 16949 and ISO 9001. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, equipped with advanced technology and the latest generation Surface Mount Technology (SMT) machines.

Automation for Efficiency:
Thinksemi Infotech heavily invests in automated assembly processes, prioritizing efficiency, precision, and eco-friendliness. Our commitment to automation not only ensures shortened production cycles but also reduces human efforts, resulting in a streamlined and sustainable manufacturing process.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Rigorous Testing:
Our manufacturing facility boasts advanced SMT machines, including screen printing, 3D SPI, pick and place, reflow ovens, automatic optical inspection, wave soldering, in-circuit testing, conformal coating, and PCB routing. With a 16 Zone Reflow Oven with thermal profiler, Dual Jet Wave Technology Wave soldering machine, and adherence to international quality standards, we ensure that every product undergoes 100% testing with qualified engineers from our quality control team.

Precision through Inspection Technologies:
Employing cutting-edge technologies like In-Line 2D Automatic Optical Inspection and Automated X-ray Inspection, we achieve high precision, speed, and efficiency in our inspection processes. These technologies significantly reduce human error and contribute to cost savings.

Quality Control Excellence:
Ensuring consistency and top-notch quality is at the core of our production philosophy. Leveraging automated processes, we conduct rigorous testing, including onboard tests, functionality tests, and X-ray tests. This stringent quality control process guarantees that every PCB meets the specified high-quality standards.

Cost-Efficient Practices:
Recognizing the benefits of bulk purchasing, Thinksemi adopts a cost-efficient approach. Buying materials in bulk and optimizing our production processes, we strive to reduce overall costs without compromising on quality, delivering cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Accelerated Time-to-Market:
High-volume PCB assembly at Thinksemi is not just about quantity; it’s also about speed. Leveraging the advantages of rapid production cycles and large volumes, we significantly contribute to faster product launches. This is particularly advantageous for electronic OEMs seeking to bring their products to market swiftly.

Diverse Manufacturing Methods:
Our diverse manufacturing methods, including Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT assembly), cater to varying specifications and designs. This flexibility allows us to meet the unique application requirements of our clients across different industries.

Adherence to Technical Specifications:
Thinksemi ensures the strict adherence to specific technical specifications for high-volume PCB assembly. Parameters such as feeder inputs, placement accuracy, component size, PCB dimensions, working speed, and more are meticulously followed, guaranteeing that the PCBs function precisely as intended.

Serving Critical Industries:
Thinksemi proudly serves industries such as aviation, automobile, defense, military, communication, and others where uniformity, consistency, and high-volume production are paramount. Our commitment to meeting the unique needs of each industry sets us apart.

Efficient Production Workflow:
Our production process mirrors the outlined stages in high-volume PCB production, from meticulous preparation to solder paste printing, component placement, reflow soldering, and thorough inspection. This systematic approach ensures an efficient and error-free production workflow.

Client-Centric Considerations:
When choosing Thinksemi for high-volume PCB assembly, clients benefit from our emphasis on factors such as turnaround time, quality control, delivery services, flexibility, responsiveness, customization capabilities, and our extensive experience. We prioritize client satisfaction by addressing these crucial considerations.

Expert Support in Scaling Challenges:
Recognizing the challenges of escalating from low-volume to high-volume PCB assembly, Thinksemi provides expert support. Whether it’s adapting to format changes, acquiring appropriate machines, updating components, or altering designs, we offer the expertise needed for a seamless scaling process.

Choose Thinksemi Infotech for a comprehensive solution to your high-volume PCB assembly needs. With a commitment to quality, advanced technology, and client satisfaction, we stand as a reliable partner in electronic manufacturing services.

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